Development Process Just Got Simpler

Test your code on a device emulator tailored for your hardware

Run stress tests with thousands of devices using our device cluster

Use continuous integration processes with automated testing platform

Code Agnostic Emulator’s Emulator is code and OS (RTOS) agnostic. Upload your binaries and run blackbox acceptance and regression tests. doesn’t require your source code! Forget about vendor lock, you can use testing environment with any IoT development platform and on every phase of your development process.

Professional, Production Grade Devices

Use ARM based Microcontrollers and a variety of peripherals. Develop a fitness tracker with a week long battery life, or a smart irrigation system with hundreds of sensors in mesh topology. Continuously improve your system while keeping it secured.

Choose From a Variety of Components

Sample projects implemented using

Checkout how simple it is to create a fitness tracker, shopping beacon or smart irrigation system.

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You Benefit From

Time to Market

Dramatically reduce R&D time for production grade device shipment.

Easy Integration

Use validated BSP and HAL, tailored for your hardware. Save time on integration.

Fast Iterations

Run automated regression tests on an emulated device and cluster of devices.

Secured Device

Test security protocols and run automated penetration testing for your device.

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