Continuous Integration Services

Enabling Quality for Your Embedded Connected Devices

Providing quality connected devices in IoT, industrial automation, automotive and more, is critical for the success of your business. To ensure your software is up to the standards your customers expect, Continuous Integration for embedded software is imperative. At Jumper Labs, we understand that this paradigm shift in embedded software can be difficult, which is why we offer a wide variety of services to help drive agility in your team.

CI/CD Training and POC

Learn and experiment with continuous integration. Work with our solution architects to learn how other Jumper Labs customers and industry leaders are leveraging continuous integration in embedded software. Get a custom-built sample for continuous integration process for your team to reference and build your own CI processes.

Framework Assessment

Get a comprehensive report, tailored to your internal development processes, for implementing continuous integration. Our solution architects learn your company’s technology stack, toolchain, development cycle and more, and generate a report on how to implement continuous integration, test automation and to optimize your testing flow.

CI/CD Process Setup

Let Jumper DevOps experts implement continuous integration process in your company. Using the Framework Assessment report or with any other detailed requirements document, our DevOps experts will setup and integrate all the needed tools for a complete CI/CD process in your company.