Hardware Simulation Modeling Powered by AI

Auto-Generate Simulation Model from Hardware Datasheets

Jumper built the first hardware modeling framework powered by AI. Jumper’s patent pending technology takes hardware data sheets as an input, and leverages NLP to create a behavioral simulation model of the hardware. The simulation model is then verified by skilled engineers and sophisticated coverage algorithms.

Behavioral Model Creation

Jumper’s Model AI engine analyzes datasheets of MCUs, CPUs and hardware components to create an identical replica of the customer’s device using hardware behavioral simulation modeling.

Model Verification

Jumper behavioral simulation models are reviewed and updated by skilled embedded and logic design engineers. It is also verified using sophisticated verification algorithms, to achieve the best accuracy of the behavioral model compared with the actual hardware logic.

Adaptive Learning Algorithms

Jumper’s adaptive learning cycle trains the AI algorithms using the output of the model verification phase to create an accurate auto-generated simulation model over time. The more models Jumper build and validate the less time it will take to generate a new one.